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Ramadan 2018- 7 Ways to Work Smarter during the Holy Month

May 21, 2018 | Posted by : Rebecca Jones

The Holy Month of Ramadan is already under way and for many who are fasting, celebrating and giving back to the community, productivity at work may be a concern. Whilst working hours are reduced, for most people the workload doesn’t change. Blood sugar levels are likely to be low for those..

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Wellness and Innovative Women Entrepreneurs 2018

March 28, 2018 | Posted by : Carlos Fernandez
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Public Speaking Tips for SME Owners

December 18, 2017 | Posted by : Samantha Armstrong

As a small business owner, the chances are it falls on you to do the talking. Even in the digital world, selling your services in person is a big part of your success, but not everyone feels confident doing it. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, public speaking anxiety affects..

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5 Spanish Startup Events You Won’t Want to Miss

December 11, 2017 | Posted by : Samantha Armstrong

Time and money are two luxuries most startups rarely have enough of. So, it’s no wonder that leaving your desk to attend a conference falls pretty far down the list of priorities. However, interacting with like-minded people who have different insights can do wonders for your network, as well as..

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The Benefits of an Our Space Office for Marbella Entrepreneurs

December 4, 2017 | Posted by : Samantha Armstrong

Your own privacy combined with all the perks of a collaborative community

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6 Podcasts for Every Entrepreneur's Playlist

November 27, 2017 | Posted by : Samantha Armstrong

Podcasting has come a long way and what was once a relatively niche medium could well be the future of radio. According to audio monitor Rajar, 4.7 million UK adults have tuned in to a podcast and the smartphone is the most popular way to listen; listener figures are at their highest Monday to..

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Need a Creativity Boost? Listen Here...

November 20, 2017 | Posted by : Samantha Armstrong

Even the most creative souls need a helping hand sometimes. That’s why we’ve searched for 8 inspirational podcasts to give the right side of your brain a boost, whether you work in the creative industry or just want to reignite the spark.

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The Route to Productivity: How Can Technology Play a Part?

November 13, 2017 | Posted by : Andrea Anastasiou

As entrepreneurs, we all want to be as productive as possible – after all, productivity is critically important for the self-employed, as more often than not, we only have ourselves to rely on in order to get the job done. The truth is, however, we’re all guilty of letting things distract us and..

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Technology: 5 Ways To Be A More Mindful Smartphone User

November 6, 2017 | Posted by : Andrea Anastasiou

It is now virtually impossible to remove smartphones from our lives. They wake us up in the morning, alert us to meetings, enable us to stay connected to those who matter and remind us to pick up milk on the way home. They’re our entertainment and business centres rolled into one, and the..

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Five effective ways to retain clients

October 30, 2017 | Posted by : Andrea Anastasiou

In business, you quickly learn that the only thing more important than acquiring new customers is keeping the ones you already have. And that’s not surprising given that studies show gaining a new client can cost up to seven times more than retaining someone who has already used your services...

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