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Boutique Serviced Offices: Injecting a Little Hollywood into the Co-working Revolution

Posted by Megan Hanney on May 8, 2017
Megan Hanney

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Injecting a Little Hollywood into the Co-working Revolution


Our Space is revolutionising the serviced office sector by launching boutique co-working communities with high-design work environments, cutting-edge technology and lifestyle savvy services and amenities. Different from traditional workspaces, Our Space sets itself apart through it’s incredible biophilic designs from conceptual designer, Carlos Barbosa, EMMY nominated for his work as production designer on the global TV hits ‘Lost’, ‘CSI Miami’, ‘24’ and more.

Having worked as an architect with a prestigious, high end, commercial and residential portfolio from Los Angeles to Miami, Jamaica and New Orleans, Carlos has also been production designer on the latest upcoming mini-series for Netflix titled ‘Godless’. Carlos has brought Hollywood flair to the serviced office business and created a natural workspace, perfect for SMEs, startups and digital nomads.


Carlos has also worked alongside multi-award winning architects, Todd Erlandson and March Studios, who have global brand clients including L’Oreal, HBO, Adidas, Sassoon, Ridley Scott, VICE and Disney. Fostering connections between people and nature, the team uniquely identify how much a human’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being relies on our relationship to the natural world. Our Space locations incorporate natural elements including water features and vertical gardens in a sophisticated and subtle manner, using natural colours, materials, and lighting to create spaces which feel welcoming, inclusive, warm, and inspiring.


March Studios commented; “In order to be successful and sustainable, we must reconnect to ourselves and remain true to our biology, which is rooted in nature. Our Space has created an environment which doesn’t feel like it is only about work, but one which considers, and is mindful of all aspects of our life. A holistic environment that promotes the balancing of self, through activities for the body (health + fitness), for the mind (intellect + work), and for the spirit (emotional + spiritual). Our Space belongs to all of us. The collective identity is greater than the corporate identity. Every person, space, and interaction matters. This humanistic approach creates real harmony and balance, making us feel complete, inspired and energised to be our best selves.”

Our Space has brought this incredible vision to life, opening their first co-working space in Marbella, with biophilic design which has blown everyone away. The community is growing quickly, with SME’s clamouring to try out hotdesking for themselves and a new opening in Dubai, Miami and UK on the horizon. These are serviced offices like you’ve never seen before, with the best business services on the market!

To find out more, book a tour and let us show you around. Whilst you’re at it, check out the images on our website and enjoy the Virtual Tour of the office and be inspired by these wonderful designs.




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