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Why do Freelancers Invest in Hotdesking?

Posted by Megan Hanney on June 14, 2017
Megan Hanney

Topics: Coworking

Hotdesking is the concept of having access to an open plan workspace, without being assigned one particular desk. The arrangement enables you to desk-hop day-to-day or hour-to-hour, depending on what space feels right for the job you’re working on.

If you need a large, permanent desktop computer to work from, or have a lot of things requiring storage space, or physical products to sell, then hotdesking probably isn’t right for you. But for anyone who simply requires their laptop, notepad and phone to work, you’re in the right place. Get excited and look forward to learning more about the benefits of being in a creative, open, motivating and sociable environment. 

Supportive of all Work Patterns

Most people who hotdesk might go to the office regularly, as they like the routine and the sense of community, as well as the facilities. However, there are people who require more flexibility and enjoy the variation of working from different places throughout the week. People who invest in hotdesks might have a lot of meetings, travel a lot and are in and out of the office regularly. 

The good thing about being a hotdesker is that you have the flexibility to work from home on the days you need complete focus and concentration, and can work from the office on a day you’re meeting a client and wish to welcome them into a professional space. 

Different Environments to Suit Your Needs

Becoming a member of a co-working space means you are committed to your work and growing your business, so while networking and building relationships is a key attraction to co-working, we don’t find that the work areas become too noisy, as people are focussed on the task in hand. People chat in the coffee area, and of course are taking phone calls, but it isn’t much difference from a busy office and certainly much quieter than a coffee shop. 

Many spaces provide different zones, with sofas or small tables and then more formal shared desks, or booths, so you can find a place that really inspires you for that particular day. Some people work best in a quiet environment, with no distractions. Others prefer a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. Whereas some are more productive when inspired by new surroundings. Hot desking allows you to pick a seat each day for optimum comfort and therefore, productivity.

Collaboration and Networking within a Range of Industry Professionals

Hot-desking works well for creative people such as writers and graphic designers and also for professionals who are mobile and just need a phone and a laptop to work productively, such as a real estate agent, virtual PA, consultant or coach. 

There are always new people around to talk to and network with and you can say ‘hi’ when you grab a coffee. Networking and collaboration are typically key to hotdesking and co-working, especially at Our Space where we have an expert Community Team dedicated to producing a comprehensive events programme to suit our members needs.

Winning New Clients

Carlos Fernandez, Community Manager at Our Space Marbella, notes that “hotdesking is extremely beneficial for freelancers or small start-ups. We’ve had multiple freelancers through the door who have multiplied their client base, simply by meeting people within our coworking space or at our events. This tends to be the key to community; surround members with those they can network with so they may effectively build and grow their business at a faster rate than they would without a collaborative environment.”

Reasons to Hotdesk with Our Space

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the concept of hotdesking, we thought we’d outline a few features of our own hotdesking space:

  • Work in any of the Our Space locations globally, perfect for regular travellers
  • Work in a beautiful surrounding of live plant walls to boost productivity
  • Use our private booths so you can take quiet phone and video conferencing calls
  • Become more efficient through our super-fast and secure internet
  • Forget the admin worries; we have printing, scanning and photocopying facilities
  • Arrange professional gatherings in our exquisite meeting rooms
  • Learn fast by making the most of our member-tailored events and training programme
  • Keep yourself hydrated with free tea, coffee and the healthiest of all alkaline waters
  • Socialise with other members in our members only kitchen
  • Choose your working hours as we’re open 24/7
  • Trust that you can leave your belongings in our lockers if you need the space
  • Find out who else is working from the space through our online network of entrepreneurs
  • Benefit from lifestyle discounts with local businesses including gym membership
  • Forget about commitment, our contracts are rolling rather than fixed-term, giving you the flexibility you require
  • Saunter on down to the beach whenever you feel like it, we’re only a 2 minute walk away
  • Grow your team and add hotdesk memberships along the way, if your company is booming we can accommodate your growth

What Next?

Find out more by arranging a tour of the facility, or claim your free one-day hot desking pass to try it out for yourselves.


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